Video Interviews with Ten Investment Luminaries

Video interviews for In Pursuit of the Perfect Portfolio were conducted between 2016 and 2019

John C. Bogle (Interviewed by Andrew W. Lo)

Charles D. Ellis (Interviewed by Stephen R. Foerster)

Eugene F. Fama (Interviewed by Andrew W. Lo)

Martin L. Leibowitz (Interviewed by Stephen R. Foerster

Harry M. Markowitz (Interviewed by Stephen R. Foerster)

Robert C. Merton (Interviewed by Andrew W. Lo)

Myron S. Scholes (Interviewed by Stephen R. Foerster)

William F. Sharpe (Interviewed by Andrew W. Lo)

Robert J. Shiller (Interviewed by Andrew W. Lo)

Jeremy J. Siegel (Interviewed by Andrew W. Lo and Stephen R. Foerster)

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